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..."Tim, I so enjoyed your playing...You give a real lesson in sound, style, rhythm and musicality".

 - Andy Powell from Wishbone Ash -


"A new name to me, but I'm thinking soon to be famous for many, New York Area guitarist debut recording, Big Water Little Boat. 


Indeed, if the first single Hurry Home is anything to go by Tim has taken to contemporary jazz with consummate ease. In a career that has seen him switch from funk, to rock  and latin to reggae, it's perhaps here, at the smoother end of the jazz spectrum, that Tim has found his niche." 

 - Denis Poole -

Smooth Jazz Therapy


"Big Water Little Boat leaves us with two questions:  Why so late and when is the sequel?"

Hans-Bernd Hulsmann

 - Smooth Jazz Daily - 


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Tim is honored to have been considered for tonight's April 15th 2014 interview with Ed Tankus here at Blue Plate Radio! Click below tonight at 9:00 pm and find the link to listen in! 

Tim will be interviewed twice as we lead up to the CD RELEASE PARTY, airing and streaming on radio station WPKN 89.5 in Bridgeport!!

First on Monday, March 24th tune in to Pete Stewart's show from 4 pm - 7pm.  Pete's interview with Tim will be on around 6pm. 

Secondly, on Tuesday, March 25th tune in to Jim Motavalli's show from 8pm - 11pm. The interview will be live at around 9 pm!

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